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Plenty of Naughty & Nice goodies in this gift box.  This collection includes Black pepper peanuts, Candy mints,Star shaped Fruit cake, Butterscotch & Brandy sauce, Salted caramel Popcorn, Molly Whoppy Christmas cookie, Summer Berry Petite Meringues, Chocolate Brownie bite, Ceylon Cinnamon Chai tea, Columbian Christmas blend coffee and a hand made Chocolate bar by House of Chocolate.

All beautifully boxed then wrapped in 'Gifted company' Christmas paper and topped with a festive decoration for the perfect seasonal finish.

Naughty or Nice?

    • Delicious pepper & salty peanuts roasted in salt and tossed in New York Cut pepper.  100g.
    • Classic Mint Candy. 100g.
    • Deliciously dense, rich Star shaped cake packed with vine fruit, citrus peel, pecans, walnuts and laced with rum. 250g.
    • A rich golden Butterscotch & Brandy sauce treat to serve with Christmas Pudding. Spoon over ice cream and top with chopped walnuts. 120ml.
    • Deep, rich, sweet caramel Popcorn with a sprinkling of Marlborough flaky sea salt. 150g box.
    • White circle-Angel Gingerbread cookie by Molly Whoppy. 40g.

    • A sophisticated spin to the classic meringue. Petite, bite size indulgence in Summer Berry flavour. 65g.

    • Delicious morsels of dense Chocolate Fudge Brownie. 35g.

    • Ceylon Cinnamon Chai Tealia Pyramid Teabags. 10g Round Tin of 5 pyramid bags.
    • Delicious, rich and bold classic plunger coffee in a Christmas Blend. Makes 6 cups or 1.5L. 
    • Hand crafted Chocolate Bar decorated with freeze dried raspberries, hazelnuts and cacao nibs. 105g.

    • Beautifully packaged in an ECO card gift box with lid, wrapped in 'Gifted company' christmas paper and topped with a festive decoration for the perfect seasonal finish.  240mm x 240mm x 110mm. 
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