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He'll be sparkling clean with this lovely collection.  

FOG Linen 100% cotton Wash Cloth and Hand towel set, FOG Linen catch all tray and a Hand crafted cucumber soap by Teal & Green. 

Clean Petit

  • Wash Cloth and Hand Towel by FOG Linen .

    • Super-soft and absorbent cotton towels woven in a herringbone pattern.
    • Hand towel: W 35cm x L 75cm / 13.5" x 29" 
    • Wash cloth: 25cm square / 9.5"square 
    • 100% cotton
    • Machine wash gentle/dry cool or line-dry


    Linen Tray by FOG Linen.

    • Not suitable for extreme heat.
    • W 21.5cm x L 12.5cm /8.5" x 5"
    • 100% linen + polyester resin  
    • Made in Japan
    • Hand-wash


    Glycerine cucumber soap by Teal & Green.

    • Glycerine and cucumber. 
    • Made in NZ.
    • Size...
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