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The manual Milk frother creates an airy foam in less that 30 seconds for a Cafe style Coffee you will love from the Comfort of your own home.  Glass carafe made of durable heat-resistant borosilicate glass Warm milk in the microwave after frothing.  Quickly and easyly  beat the milk by moving plunger frother up and down about 60-90 times or until you feel milk getting thicker. 

Durable design milk frother features a silk plastic lid with a deep rim to prevent foam from escaping the spout and a plunger handle that is comfortable to grip. 

Servings frother holds 8 ounces of cold milk dishwasher safe.

Bodum Latteo Milk Frother

$44.99 Regular Price
$35.99Sale Price
  • For perfectly frothed milk with minimal effort:

    • Fill the carafe to the MAX level with cold milk (about 8 ounces).
    • Place the carafe on a stable, flat surface.
    • Put the lid on and close the pouring outlet.
    • Plunge the milk 60-90 times (around 30 seconds) until it feels thick and frothy.
    • Rest for around a minute.
    • If you’d like hot froth, pop in the microwave for 30-50 seconds.
    • Spoon your luxurious foam into your coffee – and enjoy!
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